speak by laurie halse anderson

Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson

"Speak" by Laurie Halse is about a girl named Melinda & how her days in high school were. Melinda goes back to the summer where her and her best friend at the time Rachel, threw a party. Something had happened which caused Melinda to call the police. After that everyone didn't talk to her anymore and she didn't have any friends. When her freshman year started she made a new friend named Heather. Heather tried helping her gain her popularity but melinda never really wanted to gain it back. she just wanted to live her miserable life and get it over with. Melinda most of the time spent her hours in a janitor's closet to avoid any negative things going around about her. She was always so shut down and quiet because she had got rapped by a boy named Andy in that party. She always saw him which cause her to skip school because she didn't want the same thing happening again. After she admit to herself that Andy had rapped her she opened up and was relieved. She got back to doing all her work and only focused on getting everything done.

   This book connected to me and i think can connect to the world or whoever reads it because anything like what had happened to Melinda can happen to lots of people which can cause them to shut down and feel bad. But also letting yourself know what had happened and admitting to yourself the situation can cause you to believe you can keep going and achieve what you believe in.

   I would recommend this book to someone because i think it can be a perfect example of showing to not give up and to always believe in yourself by keeping your head up and staying on track.I really liked this book because it can make someone open up to what they feel and to always try your best even though there might be some difficulties achieving it.